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 Initial Consultation only £40* 

*including x-rays, Terms and Conditions apply.


The fees below are only a guide and correct as of 1st April 2017. All our patients receive a treatment plan estimate prior to any of their treatments.



We have introduced our membership scheme to provide convenient access to our dental services which means you can spread the cost of your regular care in easy to pay monthly Direct Debit payments. There is also a range of inclusive benefits and privileges that provide rewards and reductions in the cost of treatment for our loyal members. Please download Privilege Plan leaflet for more information - http://aylestonehouse.co.uk/site/assets/files/1254/privilege_plan.pdf

Click on the link below to go to the Aylestone House Dental Practice Privilege Plan sign up pages:


Our membership plan works out at around 36 pence per day and we think that is an excellent investment in your dental health.



Private pay as you go

 Privilege Plan member (10% off)

Plan Saving

New Patient Initial Consultation £40*    Complementary x-rays*
Routine examination £30.00 Inclusive £30.00
Small X-rays £15.00 each Complementary £15.00
Scale and Polish £30.00 each Inclusive £30.00
Periodontal Treatment £100.00 each £90.00 £10.00
White fillings from £75.00 each £67.50 £7.50
Amalgam fillings from £60.00 each £54.00 £6.00
Tooth extraction from £85.00 each £76.50 £8.50
Root canal treatment from £300.00 each £270.00 £30.00
Crowns, Veneers, Bridges from £450.00 £405.00 £45.00
Tooth Whitening £300.00 £250.00* £50.00*
Dentures from £380.00 £342.00 £38.00
Sportguard, Mouthguard £100.00 £90.00 £10.00