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Healthy Gums

Are your gums pink and firm? Or are they puffy and bleed?

Having healthy gums is important in making sure your teeth last a lifetime. The importance of regular dental check-ups & maintenance of good oral hygiene can’t be recommended too highly. Healthy gums should be firm, pink and do not bleed!

During our dental check-ups our dentists thoroughly examine the gums and record their findings so the gum health can be monitored. Where required the dentist may advice a maintenance program to treat and/or prevent further progression of any gum disease.

Gum disease (Gingivitis) causes red & inflammed gums, that often bleed. Without treatment Gingivitis can lead to Periodontal Disease (Periodontitis). This damages the area surrounding the tooth & tissues, that in turn leads to tooth loss.

Infection and inflammation spreads initially from the gums (gingiva) to the ligaments and bone that support the teeth. Loss of support causes the teeth to become loose and eventually fall out.